Campground Rules

Welcome to
***** The Pines Camping Area *****
To make everyone’s stay more enjoyable, please abide by the following
Rules and Regulations Below. For your convenience you may Download the rules.

All Campers are responsible for knowing the park rules.


  • SPEED LIMIT is 5 Miles per Hour.
  • Check in time: 2:00pm / Check out time: 12 NOON.
  • Electric Heaters are dangerous and are prohibited.
  • Motorcycle are allow to enter campground to go to you’re site and leave campground. Do not drive around the campground. Loud motorcycles will not be allowed in campground.
  • Only approved camping equipment is allowed.
  • No motorized “bikes” or “four wheeler” allowed on the premises.
  • FIREWORKS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED and are against the law in Massachusetts.
  • The Pines Camping Area will not be responsible for damage or loss to camper’s personal property.

Alcoholic Beverages:

  • If consuming alcoholic, you must remain at your campsite. You are NOT allowed to walk around with an open container. Drunk and disorderly conduct or obscene language will NOT be tolerated. This is a family Campground.

Campground Hours:

  • Office and Store Hours (July and August): Sunday – Thursday: 9am – 8pm and Friday and Saturday 9am-9pm Subject to Change anytime!
  • Office and Store Hours (May, June, September): Sunday-Thursday 9ish-6pm and Friday and Saturday 9ish-7pm Subject to Change anytime!
  • Quiet Time is 11pm to 7am Friday and Saturday and 10pm Sunday – Thursdays
  • Radios off by 10pm Sunday-Thursday and 11pm on Friday and Saturday.
  • No Late check ins will be allowed!


  • Do not cut or disfigure the trees.
  • No SPOTLIGHTS or WORK LIGHTS allowed on sites! Use lanterns or flash lights.
  • Keep your campsite neat and clean.
  • Do not move the fire rings, OR place any glass in fire rings. Wood and Paper only.
  • No fire is to be left unattended and all fires are to be extinguished by 11pm if not quite!
  • NO Outside Firewood.
  • If you hang a clothesline up, please remove it when you leave the site!

Children / Teens:

  • Parents are responsible for the behavior and safety of their children.
  • Please avoid accidents and injuries by accompanying your children to the playground area.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult to bathrooms and showers.
  • No riding of bikes after dark.
  • Children (under 12 yrs) must be back at their campsites by 8:30pm. Teens (13-19) by 9pm


  • Pets must be kept quiet, on a leash, and never left unattended.
  • You MUST cleanup after your pet and dispose of it properly.
  • You must produce proper papers for your animal(s). Rabies tags will not be accepted as proof.


  • Please help us keep the bathrooms, showers, laundry rooms clean by picking up after you’re self.
  • Showers are coined operated and take .25 cents quarters not Canadian quarters it will jam machine and become not usable to you and others!
  • If anything needs attention, please contact the office (978-465-0013) immediately.


  • No washing at faucets in Bath houses for sanitary reasons.
  • Washing of cars and trailers is prohibited.
  • Dumping of gray water is prohibited by state law. Use the dump station or schedule a pump out with the office in the morning ($30.00) and it will be done before 5pm.
  • All campers must bring their own TRASH to the dumpsters (near gate on way out).
  • Dumpsters are for household trash in garbage bags only!

Swimming Pool:

  • Pool rules are posted and for everyone’s safety, must be FOLLOWED.
  • Children will NOT be allowed in the pool area without a parent or guardian.
  • Pool hours are 9pm to 8pm subject to change and weather permitting!


  • All visitors must register at the office and pay a visitor’s fee BEFORE entering.
  • Visitors must leave the Campground by 9 pm.

PLEASE NOTE: WE WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY TYPE OF DRUG ACTIVITY. Should you be suspected of or found to have any dealings with drugs of any type, the Authorities will be notified!

This is a private family campground and we have the right to allow or not allow any persons for any reason!

Campers are expected to follow the rules and regulations of all State and Federal Laws.
Failure to do so will result in immediate eviction and action per authorities.

**** You are responsible for knowing the rules. ****
Failure to observe these rules will constitute forfeiture of your right to continue occupancy.